Illustrative Examples

Amendments to the standard accounting package, even if quite modest,
can make a significant difference. Here are a few examples:

A company with a retail outlet required a screen to allow customers to register in person as a new sales account. The solution takes the customer through a simple wizard to collect the correct details, checking that they are not already signed up.

A food delivery business has to change selling prices daily based on fluctuating costs. The solution updates the standard selling price for any changed cost price and calculates the prices for any customers who have special arrangements.

A specialist holiday company has a reservation system through which customers pay for their holidays. This system was not linked to their accounting package and they had to re-key all the cash transactions which was time-consuming and open to the possibility of user error.


The solution transfers the data ensuring that no information is omitted and none is imported more than once. It maintains a log which acts as an audit trail. All data is pre-validated before it is posted and - should there be a validation error - this can be viewed through the log.

A group of investment companies shares many office and staffing costs which have to be apportioned. The solution enables them to maintain schedules for apportioning different types of cost over the various companies. After the costs have been posted into the admin company they are apportioned with appropriate inter-company journals.

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