Accounting Software Developer: Sage

Maurice Gold, personal statement

Every company has accounting software and it does everything they want ... almost! Well actually there are always some things it doesn’t do.

As an accounting software developer what I really appreciate about Sage 200 is it that it is designed to be amended and extended. Other packages provide the ability to do certain things programmatically: add a transaction, amend an account. But Sage 200 is built to allow a developer to have access to all the underlying business tasks, and to all the screens.

To amend or extend Sage 200 a developer needs to know a few things: how to program with the latest Microsoft languages and how to work with the Microsoft database system (SQL Server). But above all a developer has to know how Sage 200 works and how it’s constructed.

The current version of the Sage 200 accounting package is the end of long process of evolution. It was previously branded as MMS and before that as Line 100. Although now completely re-written, the R&D masterminds at Sage have maintained the principles and structure of the original.

Working with Sage Business Partners and Solution Providers I have amended and extended Sage 200 and its predecessors over a number of years and for a wide range of companies and organisations.

I am a highly experienced .net software developer specialising in enhancing accounting software packages and providing bespoke applications, currently working in London and the South East.

In addition to Sage 200, I work with the Sage 50 and Exchequer
accounting packages.

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